Tours may change according to national or religious holidays.

Jewish tour- OBP-Off the Beaten Path

This walking tour takes you not to the most wellknown memorials, but some very powerful ones, to the sites you might not understand or even find...
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Communist Budapest

6 hours
If you are interested in getting to know what it was like under communism, get a personal view from us, we lived through it and “it was not all...
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Culinary Budapest

4 hours
It’s certainly not just goulash! Without question, Hungary is about food. You have heard about it, read about it and probably saw pictures about...
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Jewish Budapest – in depth

8 hours
The tour takes you through the Jewish history of Budapest from the medieval times to the 21st century by visiting different synagogues,...
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Jewish Budapest – half day

3 hours
The tour includes the main sites of the Jewish Quarter, the Dohany street synagogue, the Rumbach street synagogue, and the Kazinczy street...
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Budapest tour – in depth

7 hours
This tour as its name refers to gives a deeper insight.This tour covers the main sites of Budapest from outside to get an overview of the city....
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