Security Services

Personal and Group security.

Limited security and escort service (details on request). If you just want to feel safe or if you just want us to escort your group.

Prices depend on the number of persons and your needs and requests.

Anything that you like we can organize it for you.

We are here to service you with the best and most memorable experience that you can have.


Baby Guarding

If you travel with your child but you would like to have a free evening, a romantic dinner with your spouse, enjoy a concert, check out some trendy bars, but you would like your child to be in good hands we have professional and certified babysitters and security personnel with long years of experience. Your children will be taken care of and kept safe and sound. Program planning and security service for children (age 1-17). We have the experience both in child care and security services. (details on request).

Prices depend on the number of children, your needs and requests.

We are at your service!

Interested in our services? Please write us.